Yeoman Fieldhouse

The Yeoman Fieldhouse is home to a six-lane, 200-meter banked oval with an eight-lane straightaway for 60-meter hurdles and sprints. The track also includes two long-jump runways with sand pits, two pole vault runways with boxes and pits and room on both ends for simultaneous high jump competitions.


The track itself was built in Tallinn, Estonia at the home office of Valeri Bukreyev, the owner, engineer and designer of Kanstet LTD. Bukreyev is a two-time Estonian Olympic pole vaulter from the 1992 and 1996 Games.


Bukreyev has constructed many tracks for IAAF meets around the globe including the 2006 Moscow World Indoor and 2017 Serbia European Indoor. The Yeoman Fieldhouse track venue is only the second such facility in the United States to be IAAF certified.

The 200-meter track and its accessories, valued at $2 million, was donated by the real estate concern, Net Lease Capital Advisors, under the leadership of founders Doug Blough and Bruce MacDonald.  With the donation, comes a 10-year partnership with the University of Houston’s Department of Athletics and their renowned track and field organization.

Yeoman Fieldhouse

University of Houston

Athletics/Alumni Center
3204 Cullen Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77004